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MY moNster 2 and other little things

2007-09-12 00:41:08 by kujaroth

pff after a loooooooong...a very loooooong time i almost finish my monster 2, and two other animations, one is a opening for a serie of a detecticve girl, the 8 episodes are already written so maybe ill finish one soon....then i have a almost finish animation of a music video of Twist of korn, is only a performance of jonathan davis but still is really cool hehe...hum other thing is an animation about dali, called "dalistic" that will take more time because i need to put more details on it
so thats all, take care bye

MY moNster 2 and other little things


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2008-01-13 01:34:15

Yeah, we're still waiting for "MY moNster 2".


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